Fort Fun

This wasn’t an official Daring Boys’ Club activity, but I’m posting pictures of our recent fort day, to encourage the rest of you Daring Boys’ Club families to try a fort of your own someday soon.  (Send pictures, and I’ll put them up here.)  We make forts occasionally, but I was recently inspired by a great website called All for the Boys to build a new and improved one. Besides the standard requirements (a willingness to move furniture about, sheets, and heavy things for weights), I usually find binder clips, masking tape, and rubber bands to come in handy as well.  But one of All for the Boys’ “Fort Fridays” postings gave me the idea to use brooms and white lights too!  I turned over our living room to the project and as a result it became the most magical and long-lasting fort we’ve had in awhile.  I made the boys clean up several messes before I was willing to make the fort and I’ve never seen them work so fast.  Then they spent the whole day playing in there and slept in it overnight as well.  I think the fact that it was in a common space, close enough to the main action of the home made a big difference, rather than in one of their bedrooms. So, if you haven’t built a fort with your boy(s) recently, do it!  I guarantee you that the investment of time will be worth it.  It will keep them busy and enchanted for a good long while.  Here are some pics of ours to inspire you.

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Among many other things, I'm a mother of three boys ages 8,5, and 2.
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